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Over the past decade, wavelength-dependent neutron radiography, also known as Bragg-edge imaging, has been employed as a non-destructive bulk characterization method due to its sensitivity to coherent elastic neutron scattering that is associated with crystalline structures. Several analysis approaches have been developed to quantitatively determine crystalline orientation, lattice strain, and phase distribution. In this study, we report a systematic investigation of the crystal structures of metallic materials (such as selected textureless powder samples and additively manufactured (AM) Inconel 718 samples), using Bragg-edge imaging at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) Spallation Neutron Source (SNS). Firstly, we have implemented a phenomenological Gaussian-based fitting in a Python-based computer called iBeatles. Secondly, we have developed a model-based approach to analyze Bragg-edge transmission spectra, which allows quantitative determination of the crystallographic attributes. Moreover, neutron diffraction measurements were carried out to validate the Bragg-edge analytical methods. These results demonstrate that the microstructural complexity (in this case, texture) plays a key role in determining the crystallographic parameters (lattice constant or interplanar spacing), which implies that the Bragg-edge image analysis methods must be carefully selected based on the material structures.
In J. of Imaging, 2017

Recent Publications

. In situ monitoring of hydrogen loss during pyrolysis of wood by neutron imaging. In Proceedings of the Combustion Insitute, 2018.

. Characterization of Crystallographic Structures Using Bragg-Edge Neutron Imaging at the Spallation Neutron Source. In J. of Imaging, 2017.

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